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Let me tell you a story of my many quests that I went on as an adventurer.

my past projects

Brain Buddy

Brain Buddy ist eine helfende Hand für Leute, die mit ihrem Alltag überfordert sind. Die App fungiert als Begleiter und Hilfestellung für die eigene Organisation und ersten Schritte auf der ganz persönlichen Therapiereise. Noctiluca walked so Brain Buddy could run! Well, Brain Buddy is my bachelor project – the concept and business plan for a mental health app. Through gamification your are motivated to take care of yourself with everyday tasks and healthy habits. A planner helps you connect to support groups, other people and gives you advice to seek professional help. In emergency cases there is a help line…

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Excerpt Noctiluca was the my first choice as my bachelor project which I sadly had to discontinue.It wanted to make a interactive visual novel about KID, the protagonist who finds themselves in hell. But hell looks pretty cool – a busy city in neverending night, illuminated by the floresent lights and signs. But apart from KID nobody looks human.The saying goes the eyes are the window to the soul and the citizens of hell(all inspired from myths and folklore from all over the world) already lost theirs. The eccentric navigator Zeitgeist explains that KID is on a time limit. They…

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PMD – Pen and Paper System

very cool intro text As a pen and paper/table top roleplayer myself, I wanted to combine two of my interests – pokemon mystery dungeon and tabletop systems! With a card-supported system I designed based on the original items and characters, I build a card deck, rule templates and character creationsheets. ON HIATUS > NO DOWNLOAD YET eng | deu

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Net Ocean

Es ist das Jahr 21xx. Mittlerweile sind 89% der Erde von Wasser bedeckt. Das digitale Zeitalter ist auf einem Hoch und immer mehr Menschen flüchten sich in den Netocean – ein Programm das unser Leben digitalisiert hat und mittlerweile Basisfunktionen des Alltags online stattfinden lässt.Zur Geburt wird jedem Menschen ein Profil angelegt zur Identifiezierung und Datenerfassung.Du lebst in dieser Welt – du bist ein Surfer. Net Ocean is a german roleplay forum x website I started to create in the late 2019. Its a spin on the old genre of school/roleplays that combine a mock version of a gamified interactive…

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